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Grief and Loss

We’re With You By Joanna Fuchs

When you miss them,
we’re with you in spirit,
wondering how you feel,
hoping you’re coping,
and getting a little better each day.
We understand. We care.
When you’re grieving,
we’re beside you,
in our hearts, in our thoughts,
we’re sending you sympathy,
encouragement, affection,
and strength to carry on with life.
They would want it that way.


Resources on Grief and Loss
  • A Bereaved Parent's Wish List
    Reprinted with permission, Compassionate Friends, Oakbrook, IL.
  • Developmental Influences on the Child's Understanding of Death
    Helping Children Cope With Death.
  • Big Boys Don't Cry: At Least on the Outside
    By Robert Naseef, Ph. D.
  • Books on Grief and Dying
    A short listing of books on grief and dying.
  • Grief and Loss Resource Links
    Listing of links to ideas for memorial services, funeral assistance and ways to share your feelings.
  • Memorial Photo Album


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