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I Am a Carrier of the SMA Gene ... What Can I Do?

I Am a Carrier of the SMA Gene…What Can I Do?

This information may have been requested by someone identified as a carrier of SMA through a blood test. Families of SMA recommends that carriers of the SMA gene seek the advice of a genetic counselor, especially if they plan to have children, as s/he can help people to better understand the chances of, and risks associated with, having children with SMA. The genetic counselor will take a complete family medical history, and obtain information regarding any diseases, deaths, stillbirths and miscarriages experienced by each family member. A genetic counselor can also discuss options regarding prenatal testing, and can provide information to guide individuals in making the choices that are best for them. If someone has already given birth to a child with SMA, the counselor can discuss options to consider regarding any future pregnancies.

Please see the booklet entitled The Genetics of SMA for more information on genetics.

If you know someone who has been recently diagnosed with SMA,  please e-mail infopack@fsma.org to request a free informational packet.


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