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Policy Statement, Copyright Information 

Policy Statement
Families of SMA has been formed by people with a common interest in the improvement of the lives of persons with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. I t is for this reason that we welcome ideas from other parents and guest writers on educational advances, various therapies, etc. that individuals have investigated and / or found beneficial.  This exchange of ideas is welcome.  Parents and others then are given the opportunity to decide if they want to investigate these for themselves. 

Families of SMA does not, as an organization, support or endorse any particular treatment or therapy.  Information contained in the FSMA Web Site is for informational and educational purposes only.  All medical information presented should be discussed with a qualified physician.

FSMA reserves the right to remove any objectionable postings to our message and guest book areas, without notice to the poster.

Any hypertext link contained in the FSMA Web Site is provided for convenience only.  FSMA possesses no control whatsoever over such links or any sites linked thereby, and makes no endorsement of any kind regarding any linked site.

Copyright Information
Unless otherwise indicated, all information contained in the FSMA web site is copyrighted by and proprietary to FSMA, and may not be reproduced, published, transmitted or distributed in any manner without the prior express, written consent of FSMA, although you may download one (1) copy of the information contained in the FSMA web site for your own personal, non-commercial use.  Materials available in PDF format may be reproduced but only without modification.

Our Website is funded by donations.  Our Website does not host any form of advertisement.

FSMA may modify this Policy Statement, or any other information contained in the FSMA Web Site, at any time without notice, and it is your responsibility to apprise yourself of the most current disclaimer/information.

Last Updated: February 2009.


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