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Patient Registry
The International Spinal Muscular Atrophy Patient Registry

The International Spinal Muscular Atrophy Patient Registry was founded in 1986 and has been supported by FSMA through its history.  The Registry connects patients and families interested in participating in research and researchers interested in studying SMA. The Registry contains information from over 2.500 families and over 2,800 individuals with SMA from all over the world and continues to grow. The Registry has helped recruit participants for 20 clinical trials and important SMA research studies.

Individuals and families affected by SMA are invited to join the Registry. Participants are asked to complete questionnaires about the symptoms, treatment, medications, and other experiences with SMA.

Click Here for the International SMA Patient Registry Website.

The Website now allows individuals to participate in the Registry completely through on-line interaction including registering, completing questionnaires, learning about and signing up for new research study opportunities and completing annual information updates.

Participant information is stored in a secure database. Researchers who are interested in studying SMA can request two types of data from the Registry, de-identified information and identifiable information. De-identified information does not contain any names or personal identifiers, and can be given to researchers without having to contact Registry families. Identifiable information includes information that can identify you and will never be released without getting your written permission to do so. Identifiable information includes data such as names and dates of birth. Some researchers may also request contact with families to obtain specific information or to request participation in a research study. In these instances, the Registry will contact each potential participant to ask if they are willing to share their identifiable information for a research project.


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