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Research Funding Strategy

The ultimate goal at FSMA is to accelerate the discovery of an effective treatment for SMA. To reach this end, we have instituted a research-funding program with three distinct parts: basic research, drug discovery, and clinical trial initiatives.  

Currently, FSMA funds basic research through our annual basic research grant program.  In drug discovery, we have supported multiple ongoing drug programs for SMA. Click here for the current SMA drug pipeline.   In addition, SMA has solely funded the Project Cure SMA Clinical Trials Network, which has completed 5 clinical trials. 

In addition, each year Families of SMA hosts and funds the largest SMA research conference, which brings together scientists from around the world to discuss the latest breakthrough in SMA.  This meeting is held in conjunction with the FSMA Family Conference, making the meeting is a wonderful opportunity to meet the patients and families who benefit from the research.

Click here for the FSMA Research Funding Facts Page, which provides details about all FSMA funded projects.

Families of SMA Requsts for Proposals with a October 25, 2013 submission deadline. 

FSMA has an open Basic Research Request for Proposals with a submission deadline of October 25, 2013. 
Please click here for more information on our basic research RFP.

Please contact FSMA Research Director Jill Jarecki, Ph.D. at jill@fsma.org for more information.


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